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Carpeting Atlanta Metropolitan Area

Expressive flooring offers one of the largest selections of carpet in all of the Atlanta Metropolitan area.  Carpet is a great option for any home, it affordable, offers comfort, and is easily installed.  For homes with families having carpet provides areas where kids can play on the ground without hurting their knees unlike tile and hardwood flooring.  Carpet has many benefits, one being noise reduction, carpet also adds warmth and a feeling of comfort that other flooring cannot provide.  Carpet can be installed over many kinds of sub-floors and will help hide discrepancies in your sub-floor. 

Expressive Flooring has two showrooms in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, conveniently located in Fayetteville and Peachtree City.  Check us out online or visit one of our showrooms today and see the massive selection of carpet with all of the best brands you know and trust at pricing you won’t believe!  Choose a carpet and get your free estimate today and while your choosing talk to one of our trained flooring specialist and we’ll make sure we get you the right carpet for your home today. 



Carpeting Basics

Carpet offers comfort, beauty, and warmth in a modern look and with advances in technology, a quality floor for many years to come.  Today’s carpet has vast and deep roots in the flooring industry and in the past was made with much time and energy by hand! Things have changed, for instance, carpet is no longer made by hand but manufactured by machine.  When you are deciding on which carpet you would like you will hear terms used to describe carpet that you probably have not heard before.  Making sense of these terms is of great importance when deciding to ensure you get the right carpet for your home. 

Carpeting is made from fibers called yarns, these are woven into a backing done in a way that creates small loops of yarn along the entire surface.  This surface is called the carpets “pile”; if the loops are left un-cut it is considered a “loop pile”, if the loops are cut then it is called a “cut pile”.   There is carpet that has a combination of the two and is then referred to as a “cut and loop pile”.  All three of these carpets have a variety of different surfaces and textures these are called selections or styles; each brand has a huge selection of different styles to choose from.


There is another important distinction to be aware of and know the differences when choosing your carpet and that is the fibers use in its construction.  In construction of the carpet either natural or synthetic material is used to make the carpet.  The majority of carpeting made today is produced using synthetic fibers that include, nylon, polypropylene or polyester.  Natural fibers include wool, silk, cotton and bamboo.  Characteristics of both natural and synthetic materials will vary depending on the production.

Choosing carpet that you both love and fits into your budget may seem like a tall task but with Expressive flooring we make it easy.  Come check out our showroom and one of our trained flooring specialist will walk you through the process and make picking the right carpet for you and your home fun.  Can’t stop by? Check us out online, call or email us and our staff of trained flooring specialists will guide you and make sure you get the right carpet for you and your family.  Expressive flooring is a full service retailer with a huge selection of all the names of flooring you know and trust, with flooring specialist helping you along the way, and unbeatable pricing we are your one stop shop for all thing flooring.  See us today! Or check us out online, you’ll be happy you did.         



Carpeting Questions

Frequently asked questions about carpeting

What types of carpet are available?

With carpet you can divide the types of carpet into 3 groupings; one being “cut pile”, the other “loop pile” and the combination of the two called “cut and Loop”.  The profile is based on the visible, wearable surface of the carpet.  To learn more call and speak to one of our trained flooring specialist and find out which is best for you.

How do I choose between natural and synthetic fiber?

Choosing between the 2 fibers usually can be answered by which best suites your needs and budget.  In Today’s market the majority of carpet is made with synthetic material, usually nylon or polyester.  Natural fiber carpets are made primarily from wool, some blend the wool with other natural materials such as silk, cotton, or even bamboo.  Wool is widely considered to be the best material available for carpeting and because of this is priced higher than synthetic materials offered.  Synthetic material offers a huge selection of high quality, comfortable, and well-priced options that should be considered whenever making a carpet selection.  Expressive flooring has trained flooring specialist that can talk in detail about both to ensure you make an informed decision. 


I just had carpet installed on my stairs.  Why can I see the backing?

When carpet is installed on stairs it is bent and it is very possible that depending on your carpet selection you see the backing.  This is not a reflection on the carpets quality or durability but simply a byproduct of how it was manufactured and is possible with any stairway installation.


I have a large room and I am worried about the seams.  What should I know before choosing carpet to prevent the seaming from being visible?    

Carpeting comes standard in 12ft rolls, unfortunately making seems inevitable.  Expressive flooring uses state of the art seaming blueprints to ensure that the seams are minimized and well -hidden.  Picking certain carpet will help reduce the possibility of seeing the seams as well and your flooring specialist with Expressive flooring will inform you of carpeting that is high-risk to showing seams. 

Do I really need carpet padding?     

Yes! Padding protects your carpet from the impact when walking on your carpet and increases the life of your carpet exponentially!  Expressive flooring highly recommends upgrading your padding if possible, you’ll see and feel the difference throughout the life of your carpet.                                                                                                                                                       

Carpeting Installation Guide

What to Expect

There is a process to carpet installation and it’s a good idea to know what to expect before we have installers at your home or more importantly before you commit to something you do not know anything about.  Expressive flooring has extensive experience and expertise and will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding carpet installation process. 


Expressive flooring will ensure accuracy of measurements by sending a trained specialist to your home and measure.  Expressive flooring is a full service retailer and will be happy to move all furniture and remove any existing flooring that you want removed and all this includes haul-off as well.  We discuss all details of the job before installation so you know exactly what to expect from our installers. 


Expressive flooring has already discussed in full with you exactly what needs to be done and you can rest assured completion with 100% accuracy with what was agreed upon.  First our installation crew will remove the existing carpet or sub-floor; whatever was agreed upon.  Then floor prep will begin by removing any and all excess dirt or debris clearing the area for proper installation of your carpet.  Padding will be laid first, then the carpet on top, then power stretching will occur.  This process is repeated until all exposed surfaces are covered with new carpet.


After completion please do a quick walk around confirming installation of all agreed upon areas.  Carpet will “shed” for a period of time after installation which is perfectly normal and should be expected.  Most importantly enjoy your brand new carpet!

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