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Expressive Flooring has all the best brands in the flooring industry with countless selections to choose from; our showrooms are conveniently located just south of Atlanta in Fayetteville and Peachtree City. 

Ceramic Tile is a great choice for any home or business and possess endless décor or design options; options include many variations in size, colors, installation patterns, and glazes.  Ceramic tile is manufactured by using clay and hardened by super heating the ceramic tile in a clay oven or kiln. 

There are 2 basic types of ceramic tile, they include glazed and unglazed tile.  After the process of hardening the tile occurs a coating or glaze is applied to the tile’s surface, after the tile is placed into the kiln or tile oven again, the result is a glazed tile.  For unglazed tile this process is not needed and the absence of this glaze produces an unglazed tile.  With glazed ceramic tile you have a huge variety of colors and patterns; unglazed tile comes in limited selections and appear in clays natural colors only. 

Glazed and unglazed tile have differences in more ways than just appearance; differences include where they are installed and for what uses they are good for.  Expressive flooring has trained flooring specialist that can help you decide which is right for you when making your decision between the two. 

Expressive flooring has two showrooms in the Atlanta Metropolitan area located just south of Atlanta but serve all of the metropolitan area of Atlanta and all of Georgia.  Regardless of where you live in Georgia, Expressive flooring is here to help you get new floors into your home, rental properties, investment properties, and business today.  Stop by either one of our showrooms and choose your ceramic tile from a huge selection of all the top brands in flooring with trained flooring specialists there to help with anything you need and answer all your questions. 

Expressive flooring carries the biggest names in the tile industry which include Daltile, Emser Tile, and Shaw to name a few. 

Ceramic Tile has so many benefits and advantages to alternative flooring options; want to know more?  Come by or call Expressive flooring today or visit us online and visit ceramic tile basis, ceramic tile questions, ceramic tile flooring care & maintenance or visit our ceramic tile gallery for inspiration. 

Ceramic Tile Installation

What to Expect

Installation for tile is considered simple but hiring a professional for installation is highly recommended to guarantee the flooring is installed correctly.  Tile, when installed correctly will give you a durable and beautiful floor that when properly maintained can last for generations.

When installing ceramic tile there are steps that should be taken to ensure the installation is done correctly.  One, preparing the sub-floor; this includes clearing any and all debris having a clean surface to install the ceramic tile.  Two, marking the center of the room, this will be the starting point for installation.  Chalk lines are a common tool used to mark the center of the room by snapping the chalk lines that intersect and laying a single row of tiles along the center, giving you the layout for the space.  Three, applying the adhesive this creates a bond between the tile and the sub-floor holding the tile in place.  Four   will be cutting the tile to size then putting in place to be bonded with the sub-floor; to finalize the work apply grout to the joints between the tile.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Expressive flooring is available to you at any time, visit us online or swing by one of our showrooms today and speak to a trained flooring specialist who’ll help you with any questions or concerns you may have. 




Ceramic Tile Care and Maintenance

Questions about Maintenance and Cleaning

How Long Will Ceramic Tile Last?

When Ceramic Tile is installed properly and cared for properly, tile will last for generations.  Think of a rock, how long is the life expectancy? Exactly.  There are differences in durability with different tile but overall tile flooring will last a very long time. 

How Do I Know If My Grout Joints Need To Be Resealed?

Simply use water as your guide, drop a little water onto your grout; if it beads your good, if it absorbs time to reseal.

How Should I Clean My Ceramic Tile?

Sweep your floors then wet mop on a regular basis, this will maintain a healthy looking floor.  Also use the manufacturers recommendations and never use abrasive cleaning products that are not recommended by the manufacturer.  Grout lines need to be cleaned quarterly, fading and build-up on the grout is inevitable.  Contact expressive flooring about restoring grout lines to original color when needed.

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