Flooring Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance of you New Hardwood Floors

 It is a one of a kind feeling you get looking on at your new hardwood flooring.  The beauty and one of a kind look with its own distinct grain pattern and variations of color that make your home and all the furnishings come together in something you can really love and enjoy for years to come.  You can rest assured that it was money well spent knowing that it also increases the value of your home and creates something distinct and beautiful that only your home has.  Don’t wait for this feeling, contact Expressive Flooring today, with all the name brands at the best straight from the manufacturer pricing. 


Once the flooring has been installed there are important guidelines in maintaining and caring for you hardwood floors in part protecting your investment.  Hardwood flooring is easy to clean and maintain and also is hypoallergenic, meaning unlike carpet it does not hold in dust and dirt making it a perfect option for those with allergies.  

Guidelines for routine care and maintenance of a hardwood floor:

  1. Be sure to sweep or use a dry mop on a regular basis to remove dirt and dust that may be spread throughout your home.
  2. When something is spilled use a clean paper towel or dry cloth to plot up the liquid.  If any sticky is left behind simply use a damp cloth or dry mop then dry the floors right after.
  3. When choosing a cleaning product use only what is recommended by the manufacturer for you specific type of hardwood flooring.  We offer a line of cleaning products, which are factory recommended for your hardwood floors on our website or contact us @ 770-719-3445 to speak directly to an Expressive Flooring trained staff member regarding the cleaning products. 
  4. Never soak your floors or wet mop hardwood flooring.  Water sitting can damage your wood floor by staining or worse, causing it to buckle or pop out of place
  5. Do not use all-purpose cleaners, these can seriously dull the finish of your wood flooring.  Check Expressive flooring’s line of professional cleaning products.
  6. Never apply any topical wax or protective coating to your wood flooring.  There already is a protective polyurethane finish applied to your flooring by the manufacturer
  7. Area rugs and throw rugs are great ways to protect your floors in those high traffic areas.  Expressive flooring has great options at the best prices for all area rugs.
  8. To keep your floors from unsightly scratches and indentations always use floor protectors for all of your furniture and appliances
  9. Never! Drag furniture or appliances when moving them across hardwood flooring. Lift, this will prevent any damage to your new hardwood flooring.
  10. Wood is organic, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will start fading your hardwood flooring. Use blinds when sunlight is coming in through the window and shining directly onto your floors.  This will preserve the look of your new hardwood flooring.
  11. Avoid walking on your hardwood flooring with high heels, cleats, anything that could possibly put indentations in your flooring. 
  12. Do you have pets in your family? If you do, make sure you choose scratch resistant hardwood flooring to ensure your floors are not damaged by your animals claws. 



These easy to follow guidelines will allow you to enjoy beautiful, great looking hardwood floors for years to come. 

Any questions, concerns please contact Expressive Flooring @770-719-3445 and talk to one of our trained professionals today.