Commercial Flooring

Welcome to Expressive Flooring Commercial

Customers, our mission; to provide premium customer service and the best commercial flooring solutions in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.  Providing you with flooring solutions that make sense for your commercial property. 

From start to Finish, through every stage, Expressive flooring is here to serve:

Builders, Interior Designers and Commercial Services

Expressive flooring provides contractors and building professionals the customer service and products they need to do the job right.

We have inventory of all the name brands of commercial carpet and other commercial flooring products.  We also provide additional services that you job needs to run smoothly and to be done on time.  Speak to a trained flooring specialist for design consultation and ideas, orders received correctly and on time, quality assurance with on-site checkup after jobs are completed for 100% installation every time.

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Carpet Tiles

Commercial Carpet tiles are practical and a favorite among business owners and managers.  With Carpet tile you have creative flexibility to deal with staining or soiling of small areas, simply remove the damaged areas and replace with new; minimizing work needed to fix the problem and waste from replacing the carpet. 

Carpet Tile Construction

Adhesive is bonded to the back of a measured and cut piece of carpet typically in the shape of square, sometimes a rectangle.  With the additional backing not common with normal carpet there is the added benefit of additional durability and extremely easy to replace.  Another unique quality is the flooring installation method can vary with carpet tile to provide a different look. 

Carpet Tile Ease of Use

After measurements have been taken and how much carpet is needed has been ordered installation is extremely easy and straightforward.  With the backing that comes with every carpet tile providing extra durability you have the flexibility and quality that makes carpet tile a great choice for anyone who has a commercial setting or store front.  With countless designs and patterns, you can find the right look for you and your business today.

Good for Homes

With a huge variety of fibers, colors and patterns available having carpet tile in your home is a great choice.  Have a particular décor in your home you need to correspond to?  Carpet tile is sure to have what you’re looking for with the finest wools and smoothest nylons with countless patterns.  Fix your flooring without spending a fortune!  Check our Carpet Tile Today!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Commercial Property

For 16 years Expressive flooring has upgrading commercial properties with the top of the line carpet tile; featured brands and designs offered to bring you exactly what you need.  Expressive flooring offers fast and affordable solutions to all your flooring needs whether that is carpet tile or hardwood, Laminate or sheet vinyl Expressive flooring is here from start to finish.


Interior Design

Expressive flooring understands that opening a business or creating store front areas that are appealing to potential clients takes a level of creativity that is very important. 

We have a huge selection of interior design options and by constantly updating our selections with the newest and latest styles to select from.

Expressive flooring is by far your best value; best pricing, newest and best selections in our inventory, and unbeatable customer service that distinguishes us from the competition

Expressive Flooring is here to service you needs, Customer service is our priority with everything we do ensuring you get what you like and most importantly need.  Our great service starts with our trained flooring specialist that you find in all of our stores.  To the expert installers that work exclusively for Expressive flooring and only installing flooring 5 times a week.  Expressive flooring is a full service retailer designed to make getting new flooring in your home easy at the always the best prices