Design Consultation Services

Design Consultation

Redesigning your home is filled with choices, some functionality others aesthetic and always budgeting has an impact on what material you use and how the redesign unfolds.  Simple questions that seem completely innocuous like which color flooring goes best with the color paint on the walls or which species of wood best suites your life and will hold up to your lifestyle; finally making a budget and sticking to it, all areas to consider before you start to remodel.  Expressive flooring knows how difficult it can be to come to a decision on any one of these areas and we lend a hand and give advice on questions that you have and with our trained flooring specialists you know you’re getting quality information. 

Our trained flooring specialists can give you guidance from start to finish; making those tough decisions, easy.  Have questions about a specific type of flooring?  Our staff can inform you which material is best for you and your needs.  Want to have another set of eyes on your color scheme?  Our trained designers can help coordinate with all aesthetic questions.  We make it easy!  The more involved we are the more effective and the better the outcome for you, so make the hard choices easy and talk to our trained flooring specialists today. 

Our design consultants are ready for any redesign or remodeling that you are working on or planning.   Call us today to schedule an appointment today! Get the in-home consultation with one of our friendly and well informed specialists and get your job and jump start today!  Call us at 770.719.3445, or email us at info@expressiveflooring com