Hardwood Refinishing-Restoration

Hardwood Flooring Restoration

Hardwood Flooring Restorations in Atlanta Area

Are the hardwood floors in your home been around for generations? Need to be replaced?  Not so fast..With Expressive Floorings Hardwood flooring restoration services you can make those old, worn, and scratched up hardwood floors look like new again.  With the best prices around Expressive flooring can provide this professional service for only a fraction of what replacing your flooring would cost.  With our certified professional technicians getting the job done right we know you’ll love the look of your flooring for another generation to come. 


Scrub & Recoating

Hardwood Flooring Scrub & Recoating

Hardwood flooring is protected by a clear coating called Polyurethane; this prevents water from soaking into the floors and helps prevent scratches.  Over time and natural wear and tear that occurs with foot traffic this protective layer is slowly worn and eventually the bare wood is exposed.  When this happens, serious and permanent damage can occur to the hardwood floors.  To stop this Expressive flooring offer wood screening / buffing and recoating services; this extends the life of your flooring and restores the beauty of your old hardwood floors. 


Sanding & Refinishing

Sanding & Refinishing

When your hardwood flooring is older and has been around a long time they can start collecting a number of scratches that look bad and have you thinking its time to replace them.  Expressive flooring offers Sanding and Refinishing!  Save money and use this affordable service where we sand the floors down to bare wood removing the surface scratching, cracks, gouges and other imperfections, this prepares the hardwood to be stained then colored, both stain and color are selected by the customer.  This Sand and Refinishing process is done with our total dust containment system, this significantly reduces the amount

Of dust being spread throughout your home.