Installation Checklist

Things To Know Before Installation

Installation Checklist

Expressive flooring has their own teams of expert installers ready to complete any job and help you and all of your flooring needs. 

Expressive flooring is a full service company, we can set up a free estimate,  where we come out to your home and measure, take your selection, and give you the exact cost for your job.   This gives us all the information we need to verify how much material is needed.  We prefer measuring your floor space; this gives you and us the exact amount needed and allows us to account for any transitions needed as well.  No more guessing!! Not with Expressive flooring.  Come on in to one of our showrooms located in Fayetteville and Peachtree City and let’s get you the flooring you love in your home today.

Heating / Cooling

Please check the temp gauges in your home and make sure temperatures are at a minimum of 65 degrees for 1 day prior to installation to ensure proper installation.

Cabinets and Table Tops

Please, remove any personal items, any small items that could possible break while moving, all loose objects packed away, all of these things will get in the way of the moving process to prep the flooring for installation. 


Anything hanging from the walls that are close to or touching the floor need to be removed; this could interfere with the installers work and cause serious delays and alter work being completed

Old Flooring

The existing flooring that is down is often removed before installing additional flooring, this does take a considerable amount of time.  We do provide this service for almost any flooring; excluding asbestos vinyl; this pricing is based on the amount of time that is spent removing the existing and prepping for installation of the new.  In the event that the vinyl containing asbestos is present our team at Expressive flooring will gladly help you locate a certified asbestos remover. 


All Closet and storage areas must be cleared of all belonging including clothing hanging down close to the ground that could possibly interfere with installation; please ensure that there is 3 ft of space above the ground.


Different types of flooring has different thicknesses, Engineered hardwood comes in 3/8 and 4/8 thickness while solid comes in ¾ .  These differences can cause the doors to rub against the floors.  We would be happy to reference you to someone who can provide this service for you.


We will move the furniture in your home before we start the installation, this is part of the floor prep process.  This service is an additional charge to the cost for installation.  For larger objects like Pool tables, Cast Iron stoves, and pianos; anything that large should be moved professionally before we arrive for the installation.

Appliances & Electronics

Refrigerators and stoves need be unhooked from their water and gas lines BEFORE we can move the appliances out of the way for installation.  Any special accommodations for any appliances must be made before we arrive.  Electronics need to be put away before we arrive. 


We create our calendar based on first come first serve basis; once you complete the necessary paper work, confirm your selection and areas that we are installing in, and your down payment.  Once this has been completed we place you into the schedule for a specific Date; there are instances where events out of our control occur and push the installation date back.  Professional installation, courtesy, and most of all your complete satisfaction upon completion are of the utmost importance for us here at Expressive flooring!