Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Durable and Affordable

Laminate Flooring Atlanta Metropolitan Area

Laminate flooring in many cases is an excellent choice of flooring.  Laminate is extremely durable and with advances in the flooring industry offers the look of real wood or tile for pennies on the dollar in comparison to other flooring options; making it an extremely affordable flooring choice.  Laminate also has the added benefit of extremely easy maintenance and very easy to clean.  Laminate is a high resolution photo bonded to high density fiberboard, because of this it’s incredibly rare to see any fading or staining on laminate.  Eco friendly as well; made up entirely of recycled material so no trees are being harvested for creating laminate flooring.  Expressive flooring has a great selection of laminate with all the newest and latest styles from the name brands you know and trust at prices that cannot be beat, stop by today and see for yourself if laminate flooring is right for you.

We have two showrooms located just south of Atlanta located in Fayetteville and Peachtree find out which one is closest to you and stop by today! Expressive flooring offers trained flooring specialist to help you find what you need and answer any questions you may have as well. 

Laminate flooring has even gone as far as texturing the boards like real hardwood offering timeworn, hand-scraped, and distressed giving the appearance of authentic hardwood.  Texturing is done before the picture is bonded giving it actual texture that is very popular. 

Laminate flooring has really expanded in styles, color, textures, and more importantly quality.  One look in particular that has huge savings with choosing laminate over hardwood is the long board planking measuring over 7ft. Long!  This Collection is made from Armstrong and is Handscraped with oil finish giving it a reclaimed hardwood that was common in New England called “New England Long Plank”.  This type of look is in high demand and in hardwood in a large expense; laminate flooring you save a huge amount of money and it looks great.  Installing the laminate is significantly easier because these boards have a tendacy to bow or cup making installation a huge burden. 

Laminate Flooring Basics

Laminate flooring is a man-made product, creating the look of real wood or natural stone.  Laminate flooring is made up primarily of high density fiberboard made from recycled sawdust; this gives laminate flooring an extremely high durability and hardness making it near impossible to dent from any impact.  High resolution photo is then bonded to the High density fiberboard giving the appearance of real hardwood or natural stone.  The high resolution photo is topped with a protective layer of aluminum oxide; this helps prevent scratching and staining.    Under the laminate you place an underlayment; protecting the laminate from moisture and if upgraded can help with acoustics.  Laminate flooring is installed using the floating method; meaning that it’s locked together using a tongue and groove locking system and nothing is holding the laminate to the subfloor requiring no nails, staples, or glue making it very easy to install. 


Laminate Flooring Questions

What is Laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is simply high density fiberboard bonded with a high resolution photo created to mimic real hardwood or natural stone. 

Where can I install laminate?

Laminate can be installed in any room of the home excluding bathrooms or anywhere water or high moisture levels are common.  Your local Expressive flooring expert can go over in detail and figure out where laminate flooring would be right for you.

How Long Does Laminate Flooring Last?

There is a high variance on life expectancy based primarily on the quality of laminate choosen.  High quality Laminate flooring will have a great life and you’ll enjoy for many years if simple maintenance of the flooring is kept. 

Why would I Choose Laminate over real wood?

Laminate flooring is priced much lower than real hardwood and still gives the owner the look of real hardwood.  Laminate flooring also doesn’t dent or scratch nearly as much or easy as real hardwood.  Laminate is extremely durable and easy to maintain. 

How is Laminate installed?

Laminate is installed using the floating installation method; each plank is interlocked with the next by a tongue and groove locking system.  No nails, staples, or glue are necessary to install laminate flooring making installation very easy.  Underlayment is necessary to prevent any water from damaging the laminate; this is laid down first onto the sub-floor before installing begins. 


Laminate Care & Maintenance

Cleaning, Maintaining and preventing Scratches

How Do I Clean My Laminate Floors?

Regular sweeping & vacuuming are required; use a dry mop to remove any remaining dust or sticky residue left behind from sweeping/vacuuming.   Do NOT pool water onto your laminate flooring this will ruin your laminate flooring quickly; do NOT using cleaning product not directly recommended by the manufacturer. 

How Do I Repair Scrathces or Stains?

Touch up kits are available at any local hardware store to doctor up any small scratches or minor damage.  If major damage has occurred simple replace the damaged plank with a new plank; fading and variation between planks with laminate flooring is virtually non-existent making the repair look like it never took place. 

Can I refinish my floors?

No, Laminate flooring cannot be sanded because there is no wood to sand down unlike solid hardwood floors.