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Laminate Flooring FAQ’s

 Q. What is laminate flooring?

A. Laminate flooring is extremely durable scratch resistant flooring made to look like real hardwood flooring. This is done by bonding a high resolution photo of natural wood flooring to a thick layer of high density fiberboard (HDF).  This HDF is simply ground up hardwood flooring mixed with a resin and with extreme pressure formed into a board.  The picture is then topped with a layer of resin coated cellulose and aluminum oxide which is infused together in a clear coating or better known as a protective finish over the wood look.  Simply put, laminate flooring is super durable!

Q. Are there any advantages of laminate over hardwood?

A. Absolutely, laminate flooring is extremely affordable, only about half the cost of conventional hardwood flooring. Installation is also considerably easier to install, allowing you to install yourself without having the skill needed to install solid hardwood flooring.  Installation is quicker and easier than hardwood flooring and can be used immediately after installation, unlike hardwood flooring that uses an adhesive.  Easy to clean, not prone to fading and extremely scratch resistant laminate flooring definitely has its advantage over traditional hardwood flooring.

Q. Can laminate flooring be used in a kitchen?

A. Yes, Laminate flooring is commonly used in kitchens for its durability and scratch resistance. Only downfall is spills need to be picked up immediately and floored dried thoroughly to avoid any moisture being absorbed into the HDF core.

Q. Can I install laminate flooring if I have indoor pets?

A. Absolutely, laminate is excellent for indoor pets because of its hard protective surface, which is extremely durable and scratch resistant. Laminate flooring makes cleaning a breeze making it a great choice for indoor pet owners.

Q. Can laminate flooring be used in a bathroom?

A. No, you do not want to install laminate flooring anywhere that there is constant exposure to water, steam or high humidity. Excessive moisture will cause the laminate to bubble or swell ruining the floor.  Also, the manufacturer’s warranty will be void if used in bathrooms. 

Q. Can laminate flooring be used in a basement?

A. Yes, Laminate can be installed above grade or below grade, over wood or concrete sub-floors. When installing over concrete you must use a vapor barrier and may want to conduct a moisture test to ensure there is no pre-existing conditions.

Q. Is laminate flooring noisy to walk on?

A. Laminate flooring creates a hollow sound, now this can be greatly reduced by investing in a quality underlayment such as cork or rubber. If you decide on a lesser quality underlayment then you continue to hear the hollow noise.

Q. Are laminate floors easy to clean and maintain?

A. Low maintenance, easy to clean and maintain, simply using a dust mop or Swiffer will remove any surface dirt or vacuum with a wood floor attachment. Use only manufacturer recommended cleaning products on the laminate flooring.  If spills occur, simply use a soft cloth or paper towel to remove any moisture from the flooring.  If any residue remains use a dry mop or damp cloth but be thorough in drying the floor after.  Never, use any abrasive product, wax, polish, steam clean or wool cloth on your laminate flooring because all of these could damage the surface of the flooring.

Q. How is laminate flooring installed?

A. Laminate flooring is very easy to install and is simply floated over an underlayment using a tongue and groove locking system. Laminate is one of the easiest floorings to install and is very popular among people looking to install their own flooring.  Please, before installing, read any and all instructions on how to install in the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your floors are installed properly.

Q. Do I need to order extra materials?

A. Yes, an additional 7% - 10% should be ordered to allow for any mistakes, faulty cuts, install errors, or even damaged planks that you decide not to use.

Q. How do I determine which thickness of laminate to buy?

A. Usually the thickness is predetermined by the manufacturer, generally. When you are looking just keep in mind that the 12 mm laminates will be stronger, more stable and less likely to warp than the 8mm counterpart.  However, with proper care the 8mm flooring will last a long time.  If your home is exposed to a lot of traffic or you are a real busy family I would recommend the 12 mm thickness. 

Q. How do I properly care for my laminate flooring?

A. Taking precautions to prevent mud and water being tracked into your home is the best way to take care of your laminate flooring.  That includes door mats by all entrances.   Placing rugs underneath your furniture, using mats by the sink to avoid any water spills landing on the laminate to make sure no water is absorbed into the core of the laminate.   Put some sliding pads under the legs of all of your furniture to protect the surface from scratching.  Never use wax or sealer on laminate flooring.