Resilient Flooring

Resilient Flooring

Resilient vinyl is a great choice for anyone on a tight budget looking for affordable, fashionable, and durable flooring.  With advancements in flooring vinyl has taken huge steps in quality and durability making vinyl a much more desirable choice for home owners

Resilient Floors: How

Hardwood flooring is still far and beyond the flooring of choice for any home owner.  Wood is a flooring that brings a natural beauty with durability and value, with this comes a high price tag.  Customers have been looking for alternatives to wood and natural stone with no real alternative that was comparable in beauty and style. 

Not anymore.

LVT and resilient sheet flooring have changed that forever.  Clients everywhere are now selecting LVT and Sheet flooring over wood and stone. Why?  Because these products duplicate the style, look and feel of wood and stone at a fraction of the cost and with performance comparable as well, making these alternatives a great choice. 

Benefits of Resilient

  • Huge selection of designs, colors, and textures. Recreating wood and stone tile looks that make any room in your home beautiful
  • No more staining, easy to clean, and virtually waterproof
  • No Buffing or waxing needed; the top layer is made to stay looking good for the life of the product.
  • Worry free flooring; able to handle high traffic and your busy household without scratching
  • Comfortable and warm underfoot
  • Affordability

LVT and sheet flooring are available in countless wood and stone tile selections.  LVT and LVP come in planks that you can either use floating installation or glue down.  The glue-down gives the client high performance with a seamless appearance.  The LVT or LVP gives the client the flexibility to install the flooring over virtually any sub-floor and gives the added appearance of a perfectly level floor.  Either option will provide a great flooring that will last for years to come.

Technology Improved Look

When Vinyl was first produced back in the 70’s most people lost interest in the product and was bought primarily for those looking to save money on their flooring. 

With advancements in the flooring Industry, LVT and sheet flooring have morphed into flooring that looks and feels like the real thing.  These products vary in pricing and quality to fit your need; generally the higher the pricing the more realistic the flooring looks. 

LVT and resilient sheet flooring have gone another step further and started to texture the flooring to make for an antiqued or distressed look.  This texturing or lack of; was the tell-tale sign that the flooring was vinyl.  Now with this advancement you are hard pressed to find someone who can tell the difference between wood and LVT; it’s incredible. 

LVT and resilient sheet flooring are found in all homes now; high-end clients are now common place and seen in upscale homes around the country.  These products are common in commercial settings as well because of how durable the flooring is and minimal maintenance.  Vinyl has advanced a long way from its origin; described by most as a “homey and economical option”. 


Earth-Friendly, Family Friendly

Eco-friendly floor products are a major concern for most clients now and a large factor in deciding which flooring to choose.  These new products of LVT and resilient sheet flooring are doing their part by only using virgin vinyl that doesn’t’ release harmful VOCS and adhesives that have zero emissions.  LVT has floating methods of installation that require no adhesives at all and with how durable these products have become they last for generations greatly reducing waste. 

Expressive flooring sees LVT being used for many years to come; with such practical applications and great pricing for flooring that looks and feels like wood or natural stone this flooring will appeal to a large percentage of home and business owners for years to come. 



Care & Maintenance

Routine Maintenance regardless of how little it may be is still needed for all flooring; LVT and sheet flooring included.  Follow this short list and your floors will look great for many, many, many years!

  • Schedule sweeping and mopping routinely
  • Clean spills and messes promptly
  • Avoid uses harsh and abrasive cleaning products; this will dull the flooring
  • No shining, no waxing
  • Careful on flooring when flooring is wet



Installation of Resilient

Once you have made a decision on which flooring to use; Expressive flooring takes over form there.

On-site professional care, removal of existing flooring, and most importantly expert installation.  Expressive flooring does flooring right; giving you amazing looking floors at great pricing.